Sunday, August 12, 2007

Radical Grace...

Some thoughts as I've finished up this week's show. We have a God who's ultimate intent towards us has never changed, even after the fall of Adam. Even though we've fallen and strayed, going out own way whatever that might be, God's grace is still the same as it was in the beginning. God doesn't change... we are the one's that change, or rather, need changing desparately.

In fact, the I'm thinking more and more that the message of the Gospel is so radical that not only do we confuse it with law every single day of our lives, but it's impossible that man could have made it up. We have tremendous imaginations, but we don't have the ability to truely understand it, much less make it up. As I listened to this week's show and did the editing and fine tuning, I heard a message that's increasingly more and more radical. We're probably going to over use that word as time goes by, but it really is startling.

Also, check out the instumental I arranged of "Just as I am". Don't ask how I found time to do it, I'm guessing right now it's a gift from God.

Enjoy the show!

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