Tuesday, September 4, 2007

On August 21st...

August 21st, 2007, I recieved a call from my youngest brother that my dad had passed away. The show has been on hiatus because of that. I had to go home for the funeral. I want to appologize to everyone for not being on top of things this past week. I should have been busy scheduling the next taping, but instead I've been moping around.

My dad wouldn't have wanted me to mope around, but it's been hard. May God have mercy on everyone who are broken hearted and experiencing pain from the loss of loved ones through Jesus Christ.

This is a link to the video tribute for him.

Click here


David said...


My condolences on your loss. It is not a sin to miss a person such as your father. We have the hope of the resurrection but it is still painful to be seperated. Death is not at all what God had first in place. So those who love Him will love life as well.

My dad passed away some time ago. I still miss him but in the moments of loss I try to think of Him in the presence of Jesus whom he loved deeply. He would not wish to return nor would I wish him return to this fallen world.

You are in my prayers.

Matthew said...

Thankyou. I needed to hear that.